Erectile Dysfunction & Premature Ejaculation

Although the tag “coming soon” sounds very thrilling in general, it doesn’t sound as enticing when things are just getting heated up between you two.

Young adults are struggling to last longer in bed, and it’s severely damaging their confidence and self-perception. Lack of proper sex education during early age is why we’ve always been clueless about how to deal with these problems, and so most of us tend to live with it.

That said, grab a pencil and pad because today we’re discussing what ED and PE are and how to approach treatment when you’re suffering from either of these conditions.

How does ejaculation work?

American Urological Association studies have revealed that 40% of men, amidst the ages of 30 and 70, find themselves being exposed to severe sexual health issues. Although erectile dysfunction can be characterized as a detrimental effect of aging, its occurrence among younger men is getting higher in recent times.

Before we get into details of premature ejaculation, let’s first understand how ejaculation works. It’s generally under the control of the principal nervous system of the human body. Our brain and spinal cord receive signals in certain instances when we’re sexually aroused.

And after we’re nearing the climax, our brain transmits the signals directly to our testicles. Consequently, our penis discharges a specific volume of semen and the procedure is known as ejaculation.

What is premature ejaculation?

We can’t underestimate the importance of timing during sexual intercourse; the longer you manage to last, the better you enjoy the process. And one of the gigantic barriers that preclude you from blowing your partner’s brains all over the sheets during sex is premature ejaculation.

Simply put, PE refers to the cases when your penile glans end up discharging semen quicker than you would expect.

Studies have revealed that 2 out of 6 American men between the ages group of 18 to 59 suffer from this issue (1). However, the twist here is that although premature ejaculation isn’t that big of a health hazard, it takes a negative toll on men’s confidence and further damages their intimate relationships. The burdening guilt men carry around for not being able to satisfy their partners also tends to adversely affect their mental health.

Are Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculations related?

Moving on to the elephant in the room – yes, these issues can be related to each other in multiple cases. Scientific studies have confirmed that men who have erectile dysfunction tend to ejaculate prematurely as well (2). People who struggle with ED are usually left with two choices – either lose the erection or discharge quicker than expected.

At times, men tend to concentrate much harder on sex to avoid going flaccid, leading to premature seminal discharge. However, it’s not an illness that you are liable to struggle with for the rest of your life, because both of these issues can be treated under expert medical supervision.

What are its root causes?

Let’s take a more in-depth look at the most common issues that lead to these sexual health issues among men.

  1. Low serotonin levels

It’s a little hard to point out exactly why people are suffering from PE. However, experts claim that the role of serotonin in the rise of such ailments is undeniable. Also known as the happy chemical, it has an immense contribution to the stable functioning of the human body, one of which is increasing its sexual performance. However, if your serotonin levels are running at an all-time low, things will be complicated.

  1. Psychological problems

We can’t deny how mental health is directly linked to our physical well-being. Consequently, adverse mental health issues have always harmed our sexual performance. If you’re struggling with depression or anxiety, it might adversely lead to a loss of libido.

If you’re stressed out or burdened with heavy guilt, it can lead to loss of sexual strength. Also, for those who have previously been victims of sexual repression, it becomes harder to enjoy sex and stay erect.

Is there a natural solution?

Fortunately, both erectile dysfunction and PE can be treated through numerous approaches, the most important of which are psychological and behavioral therapies (3). We’ll mainly be focusing on these two solutions because these techniques are 100% natural. Check out list of Top 7 Male Enhancement Pills

  1. Psychological therapy

As we mentioned earlier, our mental health problems can lead to both PE and ED, which further leads to more burdening psychological issues and vice versa. However, therapy is an appropriate step to break this vicious cycle.

Treatment can progressively help individuals deal with their negative emotions and insecurities. And in most cases, psychological therapy is continued besides both behavioral and medical treatment. Nevertheless, this practice’s primary focus is always to eradicate the core issues for a healthier life.

  1. Behavioral therapy

To be clear, this is a common therapeutic approach involving numerous physical exercises that amplify your tolerance and resistance capabilities, which further allows you to push back a potential ejaculation during sex.

The most popular training is the squeeze method, where your partner jerks you off until you’re reaching the climax. However, right before you’re about to unload your semen, the stimulator squeezes your penis so hard that the erection turns partly flaccid.

On the other hand, the stop-start method is when your partner stimulates your penile glans until you’re nearing an orgasm. But right before you’re about to ejaculate, the person stops to push back the urge and then continue a while after you’re back to normal.

Final Words

We hope our guide to PE and ED has helped you learn more about how to perform well in bed, and broken the common sexual health myths that men have lived by for ages. If you’re eager to learn more about enhancing your sexual performance, don’t forget to check out our male enhancement product reviews category.

That’s all, folks. Stay tuned for more!

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