CloneGo – Disk / Partition Cloning Software Key Features

  • Clone Windows operating system to an SSD/HDD, support: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

  • Clone the disk/partition to a new disk for hard drive replacement or upgrade; convert dynamic disk to basic disk via disk clone; clone Windows partition to external mobile hard disk.

  • Backup and restore the entire Windows system or the selected partitions.

  • Restore the backup archive on any Windows computer with iSunshare CloneGo to be installed on the machine.

  • Give you the opportunity to upgrade your disk with no data loss: clone old disk to a new one, clone hard disk to a larger one or clone HDD to SSD.

  • Enhance data protected mode and improve the recoverability of the system and partitions.

SSD with cloning system

Migrate Windows OS/Partition/Disk to SSD or HDD

  • 1. Clone a disk/partition to another SSD/HDD
  • 2. Copy Windows operation system to another SSD/HDD
  • 3. Backup the Windows OS to an SSD/HDD

iSunshare CloneGo allows you to clone the contents of one disk/partition and move to another with no data loss. You can perform the 1:1 copies of a disk or partition safely.

Cloning—protect you from data loss

  • Make a duplication of the data: you are allowed to transfer the partition data to an SSD/HDD. Then you can read the data in any computer with the SSD/HDD on.
  • Backup and restore the data : you can create a backup archive for the selected partition with the SSD/HDD so that you will never worry about the data loss. Besides, you can restore the backup archive on any disk which has the enough space. You should pay attention that the destination disk will be formatted before restoration.
copy, backup and restore data safely
copy and backup data from hard drive in WinPE

Copy and backup data from hard drive without Windows OS

  • 1. Create Windows PE USB on any computer
  • 2. Clone partition data without logging into Windows OS

With CloneGo, you can create the bootable Windows PE USB on any Windows computer within simple clicks. Besides, you can apply this USB to any Windows computer and enter WinPE to clone disk/partition data from your computer disk to external hard drive in a safer and faster mode.

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