Male Extra Review – Bigger Erections, Better Orgasms, and More Stamina

male extra

Wary of male enhancement pills that don’t deliver results? Then take the right decision with our comprehensive Male Extra review.

Frankly speaking, male enhancement pills come a dime a dozen. And most of them don’t even work as promised.

That’s why, to help you navigate through the noise and reach the right decision, we’ve brought forth a review of Male Extra Pills. In this unbiased review, we’re going to take a look at the details of this product.

So, let’s not delay and get to work.

What Is Male Extra?

Male Extra is one of the premier male enhancement pills available in the market. It’s a sexual enhancement product that allows men to improve their sexual performance and stamina.

A large number of men in the world today suffer from sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Another issue that men have to deal with is a small erection that fails to satisfy their partners properly.

With Male Extra, you can easily overcome all these problems, and more. It aids the male orgasmic mechanism by providing the following benefits:

Intense orgasms that last longer
Stamina and strength to keep going for extended periods
Harder, larger and stronger erections
Improved penile girth
Boost in self-confidence

While Male Extra capsules provide all of these benefits, it’s interesting to note that most men prefer it to other supplements primarily due to its ability to increase the penile size so the answer to the question:

Does male extra increase size?

Yes, it does but it is not permanent. Plus, It also significantly improve libido and make sex more enjoyable.

But what lies behind the potent success of Male Extra? After a full inspection, we’ve concluded that it’s secret resides in a potent mix of seven active ingredients.

These natural ingredients help to increase the penile size and bring about significant improvements in performance. Male extra was ranked #1 when compared with 6 other male enhancement pills

Male Extra Ingredients

Male Extra Ingredients

IngredientsAmount per serving
L-Arginine HCl600 mg
Pomegrante 40% Ellagic Acid500 mg
MSM (Methl Sulfonyl Methane)100 mg
L-Methionine100 mg
Zinc14 mg
Cordyceps25 mg
Niacin18 mg

While we’ll go deeper into the details of how Male Extra works in the next section, we’d like to take time out to look at two of its vital ingredients. These two are essential components that play a critical part in male enhancement.

The first ingredient that we’d like to talk about is Pomegranate juice, which contains the antioxidant Ellagic acid. Medically proven(1) to enhance sexual drive, this component of Male Extra boosts blood flow rate and aids in penile vasodilation.

This leads to harder erections that last longer some users also call male extra the longer erection pills. How to Pick the Most Effective Male Enhancement Pill? (Guide)

The second ingredient of interest is Cordyceps, which is a fungus that has been clinically proven(2) to act on the brain’s sexual centers. Containing a pair of bioactive agents (namely deoxyadenosine and cordycepic acid), this fungal derivative improves mood, heightens desire, and increases your levels of libido.

Diet tips by nutritionist. what foods can boost your sex drive and improve your love life.

How It Works?

Male extra bottle design 2020

From the above discussion, it’s evident that Male Extra is an all-natural supplement that has multiple benefits. Plus, it’s also not known to have any harmful side effects. But how does this seemingly fantastic product work?

As mentioned above, the potency of Male Extra lies in its proprietary blend of ingredients that work behind the scenes. These work in tandem to bring about a series of biochemical reactions that culminate in the ultimate orgasm.

The act of sexual pleasure is nothing but a combination of physiological and psychological outbursts that take place within us. This is expressed in the form of a hard penile erection in males.

This happens when excess blood flows into the penis under intense sexual stimulus. However, this process can get hampered due to ailments, leading to problems such as erectile dysfunction(3) and lack of sex drive.

This is where Male Extra comes in; this medicine works by pumping your blood with the right mix of components that improve male hormonal activity.

This ultimately translates into an improvement in blood flow to the penis, which transforms into a harder erection.

Male Extra also works to widen the penile blood vessels and causes better blood circulation. This helps to pump more blood into the penile tissue sacks, leading to a better erectile experience.

What’s more, by using Male Extra in recommended doses, you replenish your body’s essential nutrients. This leads to better oxygenation, faster energy compensation, and more energy during sexual activity.

In short Male Extra is one of the rare male enhancers that actually work.

How To Use Male Extra?

how to use

The recommended Male Extra dosage is three capsules a day, after meals. This means you can have one each after breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Remember to take the pills after meals with a glass of water; this improves the efficacy of the product.

Be advised

Male Extra is not a quick fix solution and doesn’t give immediate effects. You have to consistently use it for at least four weeks before you expect to see visible results. After a month’s use, you’ll start noticing the positive effects of the pills.

At this point, we’d like to mention that Male Extra is manufactured by Ssshh Limited, one of the most renowned names in the male sexual supplements market. The company is based in Nottingham, United Kingdom, and has been selling the product successfully for well over a decade now.

The majority of Male Extra users are delighted with the effects of the medicine and have become regular users. It’s important to note that daily usage is essential in this case, as any breaks in the schedule will lead to a loss of effectiveness.

Male Extra is not known to have any untoward side effects. However, we recommend that you keep to the suggested dose. In case you feel any sudden discomfort or adverse effects, consult your doctor immediately.

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Male Extra Customer Reviews

It’s clear that Male Extra is a scientifically proven formula that works to improve male sex life in several ways. Now, let’s take a look at what some regular users of the product have to say about it.

customer review

My wife always complained that I failed to hold onto the flow and give her a good time. Usually, I got tired after a few minutes. Having tried many male enhancement supplements over the years, I was really skeptical when a friend introduced me to Male Extra.

But after five weeks of use, I can safely say that this was the best investment I’ve ever made! My size has increased, and I can continue for much longer without getting tired. I’m not complaining, and I’m sure my wife isn’t either.


Age 47 from NY

I ordered it for my boyfriend on a lark. But once he started taking it, I was in for a surprise! I’d never seen him as energetic and enthusiastic as after Male Extra! I’m thrilled that I stumbled upon this wonderful product.


From California

It has been an absolute godsend! Never before have I felt as wonderfully blessed as after using this product! I’m not gonna let go of it, no matter what. Thanks for the wonderful experience!


Age 41 From San Jose


Specialized formula
Completely natural ingredients
Doesn’t require a prescription
Zero side effects


Only available online
Slightly expensive

Does Male Extra have Side effects?

The primary ingredient of male extra is L-Arginine HCL Oral which is generally safe to use althought it might cause the following side effects:

Abdominal pain

For more information about L-Arginine and how effective it is for erectile dysfunction visit here

Where Can You Buy Male Extra?

where to buy

Male Extra can only be bought from the official website and We would highly suggest opting for the Buy 2 Get 1 Free package it saves you almost $70 and gets you a free guide. Plus they also have a 100 Day Money Back Guarantee

Who Should Use Male Extra?

Someone who needs to:

Improve the sexual stamina
Get better erections
Get a stronger orgasm
Enhance libido


Wrapping up, it can be said that Male Extra is one of the best enhancement supplements available. It’s safe; it’s natural and has shown no side effects.

Also, if you’re not satisfied, the company has a 60-day money-back guarantee and it can only be bought from their official website Click Here

Male Extra is a medically proven product that guarantees results. By pairing it with regular exercise and a balanced diet, you can get all the desired effects.


How to use?

The recommended dosage is 3 capsules a day with meal.

How long will it take to show results?

While interviewing user’s we found it can take 2 weeks to sometimes 4 weeks to start showing noticable difference in penis size.

Where can i buy?

It can only be bought online and to be sure you are getting the original product only order it from the official website (Click Here)

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